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How Cannabis Helps Your Mind to Heal

Cannabis for Mental Health


Your mental wellbeing is mission critical for leading a fulfilling life. In the past, our understanding of mental health was very limited and affected by superstitions.  Today with modern medical science there are many treatments for different mental health conditions including cognitive behavioural therapy (talking therapy), the use of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and increasingly the use of medical marijuana.


As more and more medical research is being conducted on the active ingredients of medical cannabis, many researchers and more doctors agree that medical marijuana has a positive effect on your mental health. In this article, we will deeply explore some of the incredible mental health benefits of medicinal cannabis. Read on to discover more.


Cannabis Improves Your Brain Function

Cannabis is good news for your memory and your brain function improves when you use medical cannabis. As you become older your brain experiences a slow degenerative process. Taking medicinal cannabis regularly can slow down the onset of dementia and may prevent the early onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


Brain on weed


Marijuana has a therapeutic effect on the mind, and it improves your ability to focus on tasks, retain memories, learn new things, and in general cognition. These benefits are due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis which result in strengthening of your brain. Medical marijuana can also treat neuroinflammatory conditions such as sepsis and meningitis.


Cannabis Treatments Heal Anxiety and Depression

With the fast pace and overwhelming confusion surrounding modern living, anxiety disorders are increasing at an alarmingly high rate. Anxiety and depression may set in when you feel overwhelmed with a large workload, experience relationship issues, are nervous about social performance, or constantly stressed with tight schedules. These factors all combine to trigger the onset of headaches, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia. When you use cannabis as part of a treatment plan, it can induce the release of endorphins which make you feel good about yourself and the ever-changing world that you live in.



You can slowly recover from depression with using a controlled regular use of cannabis products. These include weed, CBD oil, and hash. Also, cannabis has been shown to sharpen your cognitive abilities as a therapeutic medicine in your mental health treatment. Responsible use of marijuana, including micro-dosing, helps you to clear your mind and regain your mental health.


Stress Management with Marijuana

Your health can be severely impacted by physical and emotional stress. When under stress, your body enters the fight or flight mode, or you freeze in fear as your amygdala, the primitive reptilian part of your brain, kicks in. Also, cortisol, the stress hormone, is released into your body when your body and mind are under stress or pressure. When cortisol rises, your blood pressure increases, your pupils dilate, and your heart rate increases.


When you use medical cannabis or related products like chocolate brownies or CBD oil, the cannabinoids will flow through your bloodstream and uplift your mood. The chemicals in weed, hash, and other forms of cannabis will also increase your appetite for food and induce a calm feeling in your body.


Cannabis Improves Your Sleep

Ensuring that you have enough sleep each night is mission critical for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Your natural sleeping pattern can be disrupted by stress, anxiety, and insomnia. This is a common issue in today’s fast paced modern lifestyle and addictive use of consumer technology which can prevent you from switching off.


Cannabis and Sleep


Eating or smoking weed before sleep will clear your thoughts and relax your body. This facilitates a good night’s sleep where your brain’s nerve cells communicate more efficiently, and you’re thinking becomes clearer. Also, your thoughts and actions are more synchronised, and you feel better if your body and brain are well rested.


Smoking or eating cannabis candy or brownies help your body and mind relax and rest. The THC in Marijuana can make you so relaxed that you can fall asleep when you don’t intend to! Then when you wake up, your mind is calm, and you are ready for meditation or the start of your day.


Marijuana Treats Schizophrenia

Medical marijuana can play a vital role in the treatment of schizophrenia when used responsibly.  Schizophrenia affects the normal functioning of the human brain and can cause you to lose your sense of reality, often triggering disturbing hallucinations and speech problems.


Ongoing medical research shows that cannabis and cannabis products such as weed brownies and CBD oil can have antipsychotic effects on the brain. Marijuana helps your nervous system to communicate with your brain neurons so that the correct neurotransmitter messages are communicated throughout your body. This helps you to live your life normally and work in society without having psychotic episodes.


Cannabis Reduces and Prevents Epileptic Seizures

Cannabis is great for your brain health because it increases the electrical activity of your brain and improves the brain networks which are related to epileptic seizures. Cannabis has anti-seizure effects which can help people with epilepsy to manage their condition in conjunction with other tried and tested methods.


Weed Reduces Seizures



Medical research also indicates that cannabis helps patients of Lennox-Gas taut syndrome, a complex, rare, and severe childhood-onset epilepsy. Additionally, those who suffer from Dravet syndrome, a rare genetic epileptic disorder, can also benefit from the regular use of cannabis and CBD.


Epilepsy seizure researchers have looked at dozens of studies and they conclude that cannabidiol and some other cannabinoids are effective at reducing the rate of epileptic seizures in about 50% of epilepsy patients. This helps them to manage their condition and improve their quality of life.


Cannabis Helps to Cure PTSD and OCD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs when your brain has been affected by major past life trauma. This means that you may repeatedly have flashbacks and experience the trauma of war, crime, or loss again and again many months or years later.


Scientists have discovered that THC as well as CBD may help to relieve the effects of PTSD and OCD. Medical research has shown that THC can reduce the brain activity of the amygdala, the part of the brain that triggers your fight or flight response to a situation. Marijuana improves mood, helps with regaining appetite, and lowers the recovery time required following a panic or anxiety attack that is due to severe PTSD and OCD.


If you suffer from PTSD, you can ask your medical specialist if cannabis treatment is available. Many treatments for PTSD focus on increasing the amount of serotonin in your brain. Cannabis can induce the creation of more serotonin in your brain. Marijuana also helps you to deal with some PTSD symptoms including insomnia and repeating bad dreams.


Remember to always speak to a medical professional if you are considering taking cannabis, and not just CBD, for any existing mental illness. Cannabis and its compounds, including CBD and THC have powerful psychoactive effects on your body and mind. We need to change our laws and perceptions so that anyone who has seen a doctor about their mental and physical health conditions can benefit from taking cannabis in a safe and secure way.



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