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How to Dry Your Magic Mushrooms


In this blog you will learn how to dry fresh magic mushrooms properly to extend their shelf life and preserve their potency. You will discover how you can dry your magic mushrooms in several different ways for storage for many months or years without losing their psychoactive compounds. Read on to find out more.


Give Your Shrooms Time to Dry Properly

If you are drying a small number of magic mushrooms, it will take at least 3 hours for them to dry properly and up to 2 days for a larger quantity of magic mushrooms.  Fresh magic mushrooms contain about 90% water and when dried that will shrink and weigh about 10% of their original weight. When they are properly dried, you can crush your magic dried shrooms into a fine powder.


Allow your magic mushrooms to dry until they are dry as a cream cracker and crispy to the touch. When you feel they have dried enough, you can feel the crispiness of your magic mushrooms. If you are unsure whether they have dried then you can squeeze, bend, or break a mushroom until you hear a cracking sound.



Avoid cutting your mushrooms into small pieces to save time because this will bruise them blue. Bruising is a chemical reaction that oxidises the active chemicals so that you lose some of the potency of your psychoactive mushrooms.


Watch Your Temperature

Magic mushrooms are very temperature sensitive and the active ingredient, psilocybin, degrades if your magic mushrooms are not dried and stored correctly, or exposed to extremes of hot and cold temperatures.  Potency is also reduced if your mushrooms are heated close to boiling point. So, it is better to keep the temperature as low as possible, at room temperature, or inside a fridge a few degrees above zero.



Drying your magic mushrooms at a lower temperature will take a longer time but the potency of your mushrooms will remain. For example, very little psilocybin will break down when you dry your shrooms with a fan at room temperature inside a dark room.


Storage Is Important

Remember to put your psilocybin magic mushrooms into an airtight dry container as soon as they are dry as a cracker. If your environment is humid then you may want to add a small desiccant bag to your mushrooms in the container. You can alternatively use a vacuum sealed bag if you intend to store your mushrooms for a long time.



Never leave your dried magic mushrooms exposed to the environment in your home or outside. In humid climates they will quickly absorb moisture from the air and go squishy. Soggy psychedelic mushrooms will quickly go mouldy with the wrong types of mould, so ensure that your dry shrooms are kept dry and sealed.


Drying Magic Mushrooms with Passive Dehydration

Passive dehydration uses natural airflow and local climate to dry your magic mushrooms. This technique has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years and it is very effective in dry climates.


Use a piece of cardboard and lay down your whole fresh mushrooms on top of it in a warm area, away from direct sunlight. Some of the moisture will be absorbed by the cardboard which will speed up the drying process especially if the air can circulate between your drying mushrooms. If they are still not dry after a day or so, then you can put them in the sun for an hour or two.



Alternatively, you can blow air on your magic mushrooms by using a fan. Remember that it takes time for them to dry and ensuring good circulation between your shrooms will help them to dry faster.


Drying Magic Mushrooms with a Food Dehydrator

You can buy cheaply a food dehydrator on online shopping sites or at your local kitchen store. Food dehydrators operate through blowing warmer air up through a stack of racks. To have control over the drying temperature choose one that has a thermometer or temperature gauge.



Put your uncut psilocybin mushrooms on the drying racks with spaces in between each mushroom so that the warm air rising through the dehydrator can circulate around your mushrooms better. Then use the lowest heat can and let the dehydrator work for 12 to 24 hours.


Your mushrooms will shrink a lot when they start to dry. If you have multiple trays in your dehydrator, then you can transfer your mushrooms into fewer trays as they dry. This approach will speed up the mushroom drying process as the racks nearest the element of the dryer will dry faster.

Drying Your Psychedelic Mushrooms in Your Oven

Use the passive dehydration process to dry your mushrooms as much as possible. Then put your shrooms onto a baking tray or use tin foil or an oven rack with tiny grates so your mushrooms don’t fall through when dried.


Set your oven to its lowest setting and wait for it to warm up. Then add your tray or rack of whole magic mushrooms. It is important to leave the oven door slightly open for moist air and heat to escape. After one or two hours your mushrooms should be completely dry and ready for storage.


Using a Desiccant to Dry Your Shrooms

A desiccant is a material that absorbs moisture from the air to keep the contents of a container dry. They can also be used to dry fresh mushrooms. Desiccant drying can be combined with passive dehydration. After passive dehydration, put your nearly dried hallucinogenic mushrooms into a sealed container together with several desiccant packs. After a few days your magic mushrooms should be cracker dry.



You may want to make your own desiccant instead of using packs from a store. To do this you fill a baking tray with a baking sheet spread evenly with 1 cm of Epsom salts. Then bake the Epsom salts at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2 hours. Then you can break up your sheet of powerful homemade desiccant and place the desiccant in an airtight bag for storage.


To use your homemade desiccant, put it at the base of your airtight container. Add several layers of cardboard or paper towels. Then add your mushrooms on top of this whilst ensuring that none of your shrooms are touching the desiccant.


Important Mushroom Drying Tips

Never rush drying your magic mushrooms. You can dehydrate them much faster with more heat, but this will reduce the potency as more of the active chemicals are destroyed.


Always ensure that your psychedelic mushrooms are completely dry. Once they are dry and crispy, immediately transfer your hallucinogenic mushrooms into your airtight container or vacuum sealed bag for long term storage. This prevents your mushrooms from being exposed to moisture and mould spores.



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