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How To Take Your Weed and Magic Mushroom Edibles Together


When taking magic mushrooms and weed together, it is mission critical to understand the effects of both substances and how you can use them for your spiritual healing and meditation. Read on to discover more about how to use weed and magic mushrooms together for your healing, meditation, and spiritual development.


The Effects of Taking Weed

Cannabis can be taken in a variety of ways including smoked as hashish or weed, as an oil for vaping, and as an edible product in space cakes, chocolate brownies, candies, and other edible products. It is true that ‘less is more’ when consuming weed or any other cannabis product.


The effects are felt within minutes after smoking or vaping cannabis with a peak experience after an hour of taking and two hours or so to come down. The intensity of the effects that you feel in your body and mind after taking marijuana depend on the strain used, its potency, and how often you take cannabis. Edible products take 30 to 60 minutes to kick in and eating a large amount of edible cannabis could last many hours or a day.



Cannabis can improve your focus and productivity especially if it is micro-dosed. A larger quantity consumed will promote relaxation and introspection. It is also common after taking weed to experience a dry mouth, increased appetite, euphoria, anxiety, paranoia, an increased heart rate, enhanced senses, and mild hallucinations.


The Effects of Taking Magic Mushrooms

All psychedelic magic mushrooms, including Psilocybe Cubensis, contain psilocybin. Shrooms are dried and then eaten as a tea or finely ground into a powder for capsules or sprinkling into food to create mushroom edibles. It can take over an hour for you to feel the trippy effects of magic mushrooms and a mushroom trip typically lasts around 4 to 6 hours for mild to moderate doses, or longer for heroic doses.


Magic mushrooms alters your sensory perception differently to cannabis. Psilocybin alters your perception of reality as your brain is freed from the limitations of your normal daily experiences. This lifts the veil of reality and objects appear to move or melt. Also, you may experience degrees of distortion of space and time, question your self-identity, and experience altered states of perception of other people, your environment, and the world.


The experience of ego-death is more likely at higher doses. This is when you may experience spiritual, divine, extra-terrestrial, and philosophical epiphanies as well as a complete disintegration of reality. It is also possible to experience extremes of love and fear plus psychedelic experiences of going to other worlds, heaven, hell, or other spiritual realities.



Magic mushrooms are dense fungal matter which your stomach may struggle to digest. This means that you may experience discomfort or nausea about 30 to 60 minutes after ingesting your magic mushrooms. Additional effects of taking shrooms include anxiety and panic, body temperature changes, heart rate increases, twitching muscles, and facial numbness.


How to Take Weed with Magic Mushrooms

Your perception of reality, of yourself, other people, and the world is affected by the active chemicals in weed and in magic mushrooms. The specific strain of cannabis or the variety of magic mushrooms will affect the experience. Some mushrooms, Penis Envy for example, are known for their very powerful and intense trips which are more suited to the seasoned psychedelic journeyman than the magic mushroom beginner.


When you take large amounts of cannabis edibles with a high level of THC, you will experience psychedelic effects that may feel close to some of the trippy effects of magic mushrooms. When you consume a low dose of magic mushrooms it can feel like you are having a small amount of cannabis.


The intensity of your psychedelic mushroom trip can be increased by taking mushrooms with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) rich strains. You may experience sensory hallucinations, especially images and sounds as well as deeper and more elaborate thoughts and journeys that can be very uncomfortably intense at times.


Your feelings of anxiety and nausea are reduced if you take magic mushrooms with cannabis strains that contain a lot of cannabidiol (CBD).  Also, using marijuana before consuming mushrooms helps with anxiety and nausea and helps to prepare your ready for tripping.


Marijuana adds to the overall intensity of the magic mushroom experience when it is used as you peak about two hours in. Cannabis can also prolong the magic mushroom experience if taken 3 to 4 hours after ingesting mushrooms, typically at the tail end of your mushroom trip.



Safely Taking Weed and Magic Mushrooms Together

It is very possible to safely combine mushrooms and cannabis together. If you are new to the experience, it is best to take the two substances separately so you can become familiar with them. This minimises the chance of an uncomfortable trip when you try them both together. You can always choose to take cannabis later in your mushroom trip when you are familiar with how your body and mind react.


Anxiety and any pre-existing paranoia can be made worse when you trip on any psychedelic including magic mushrooms and cannabis. To minimise this, you can choose to take your psychedelics in a safe environment ideally with a trip sitter. This is a sober friend who can talk you through the effects and support you physically and emotionally.


A trip-sitter can reassure you that the intense things you are experiencing are reactions to the magic mushrooms and any cannabis that you have taken, and they will go away.  Your trip-sitter can also guide you into a quiet space with friendly music, colours, and scents. Eating food and drinking water during the psychedelic experience can also ground you and lower the intensity of a magic mushroom trip.


Tips For a Safe and Rewarding Experience

It is mission critical that you get your mindset and physical setting correct for a safe psychedelic experience. Ensure that you are physically and psychologically whole before you take anything. If you feel angry, sad, or lonely then it is best to avoid tripping.


Choose an environment that suits you. This includes the room or place you are in and the people around you. For example, if you are already feeling anxious and angry in an unfamiliar place surrounded by complete strangers then you will likely have a very traumatic experience. It helps to keep things safe and comfortable and avoid screens and mirrors when tripping as you could find them overwhelming, such as seeing alien code all over your phone or being transfixed like narcissus seeing your face distort in a mirror.  To further minimise a negative experience, always begin with a low dose of each substance and allow plenty of time, typically 1-2 hours, for each one to kick-in before taking more.



Magic mushrooms and most natural psychedelics were traditionally used as a shamanic medicine for healing and journeying.  They are great for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and cleansing. However, it is wise to be careful and cautious if you suffer from a fragile mind or have diagnosed mental health conditions. Also, you should also avoid taking alcohol or other drugs until at least 12 hours after you take mushrooms and weed.


It is a hot topic with the medical community whether psychedelics can help you to manage a variety of mental health conditions. Sometimes cannabis and magic mushrooms make conditions worse, and research is being conducted to ascertain exactly how the brain, and the mind, are influenced by complex chemicals like THC, CBD, and Psilocybin, and the degree of healing that takes place during and after a psychedelic experience.



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