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Kanna and Cannabis

You may be familiar with the therapeutic effects of weed and CBD. Kanna is another ancient herb that is used as a medicine and mood enhancer by ancient and modern people.


When used together, Kanna and cannabis can enhance your mood and boost the healing effects of each herb.  Continue reading this article to learn more about the potential of using Kanna and weed together.

What is Kanna?

The Sceletium Tortuosum plant, from which Kanna is an extract, is found in Southern Africa. In ancient times, our prehistoric hunter-gatherer ancestors used Kanna in South Africa as a mood-altering substance. It has been used for centuries by the Khoisan people for healing, community activities, and spiritual journeying.


Kanna is a succulent planet which can be easily grown from seeds or cuttings. In nature,  Sceletium tortuosum is a succulent plant that grows in sandy arid soils with occasional watering. Seeds are grown by finely spreading on a surface of cactus soil or through using an adaptable growing kit.



Kanna is safe to use, even at moderate to high doses, and it is legal in most countries across the world. Kanna is taken recreationally and therapeutically in its many forms. Where cannabis is illegal to use, Kanna is very effective when used with CBD products.

The Benefits of Kanna

The benefits of Kanna include improved focus and cognition, reduction in pains and aches, appetite suppression, increased feelings of happiness, and improvements in general mood and wellbeing. Medical researchers have recently discovered that Kanna also boosts your brain’s serotonin levels.


The active ingredients of kanna are mesembrine and other alkaloids which act on the serotonin reuptake receptors in your brain thus creating euphoric sensations. Kanna also acts as an inhibitor of the PDE4 enzyme, and it can improve your long-term memory and increase cognitive function.


Kanna is being clinically researched and so far, the research indicates that the plant extract significantly improves your mood. Kanna also lowers the amount of the stress hormone Cortisol.  It also induces a feeling of increased well-being and euphoria.


Kanna is also used in addiction therapy and as a dietary supplement. It can also be taken in small quantities, such as in a natural nootropic stack or through micro-dosing, to boost cognitive performance.

Spiritual Use of Kanna with Weed



You can take your weed together with dietary supplements and recreational psychoactive compounds. Combining natural supplements with cannabis is common by those who want to boost their high. Your mood is enhanced when you combine Kanna with weed with the bonus that any trippy effects of your weed are amplified too.


Kanna also has a history of spiritual use. The Khoisan people described it as a mild psychoactive herb.  Kanna has been used by tribes for relaxation, meditation, spiritual journeying, shamanic healing. It was also used in group activities to enhance the experience of chanting, drumming and group rituals, as well as an aid for spirit connection, astral travel, and dreaming.

How to Take Kanna with Weed

Kanna is a natural herb which you can smoke, use as a snuff powder, chew, or take orally in powder form. There are different types of Kanna extracts available and it is a versatile herb when combined with different substances and cannabis edibles too. The raw plant material is ideal for chewing or smoking. However, in the raw plant, the amount of alkaloid is quite low.  So, you would need a large quantity of the herb to feel any effects.


There are different strengths of Kanna extracts available. The recommended serving size for Kanna will range between 25mg and 75mg. You will receive some of the benefits from smoking Kanna extract and weed in a joint. If you take THC edibles such as weed brownies or cannabis chocolates, at the same time as Kanna then they’ll digest at roughly the same speed.


The best way to combine weed and Kanna is to take a strong Kanna extract orally. This is because the alkaloids are more active when taken orally. You either take both orally or wait about an hour and a half before smoking your joint. Burning Kanna may destroy the active compounds because the alkaloids in Kanna can be heat sensitive. This means that they may break down when heated or smoked.




Taking kanna with weed can enhance your mood. Weed also increases the mild visual effects some people have with kanna. This can lead to a fuller, more psychedelic experience. Kanna induces relaxation and lowers any anxiety cannabis might cause you.

CBD and Kanna

CBD is used mostly to reduce the feelings of stress, lower chronic pain, and enhance your mood. The relaxing effect of Kanna will also be enhanced by CBD. Kanna is a mild stimulant so combining it with CBD shouldn’t make you sleepy. In fact, you may well feel more grounded, energized, and focused with a Kanna and CBD combo.


When combining CBD with Kanna, the effects of each supplement complement each other. This herbal medicine stack will boost the positive, life-enhancing effects of both CBD and Kanna.


Weed or CBD infused chocolate brownies will help to relieve your pain and aid in the healing process of people who suffer with joint pain, arthritis, chronic pain, or fatigue.


If you decide to try Kanna with either weed or CBD, start with a little bit and go from there. Hopefully, you’ll love what comes out of the combination of the two herbs.



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