DA Brownie Boyz

Orange Flavoured Vegan Gummies

These orange flavoured vegan gummies are Jam Packed with 100mg of THC. They taste amazing and will hit you like a train.


These potent gummies are good for so many things.


They will send you off into the deepest sleep so you restore fully at night, set your consciousness for the most beautiful meditation and are incredible healers.


1 gummy is very strong. Our clients use them to heal Parkinsons, Nervous System issues, Fibromyalgia and other injuries, illnesses and diseases have mysteriously vanished from our clients body’s after regular use of these magical gummies.


If you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, these gummies are a must for you.


They are amazing to take with friends if you want to sit around and have a good giggle. These gummies will meet you where your at and give you exactly what you need.


Each packet contains 5 gummies.