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Shamanic Energy Healing with Magic Mushrooms

Science has shown that magic mushrooms are effective with healing the human body, mind, and soul. Shamans have known this for millennia and now people are waking up to the healing power of psilocybin containing mushrooms. Continue reading to discover how shamans harness the true power of psilocybin for healing.


Ancient Use of Psilocybin Mushrooms


The psilocybin mushroom was used by ancient indigenous peoples for at 6000 years and likely much longer in our evolutionary history. The great Mayan and Aztec civilisations took magic mushrooms as an essential element of their spiritual practices. They used psilocybin for communicating with nature and the spirit world, working with your shadow, and for creative expression in its many shapes and forms. With a focused intention in a supportive environment, you too can experience tremendous levels of healing, self-development, expanded consciousness, and self-transformation.


Ancient Shaman


In human tribes, psychedelic mushrooms are only consumed in special ceremonies with the guidance of the shaman or supervision by the leader of the tribe. Psychedelics are used by the shaman in initiation rites and healing ceremonies for people with psychological or medical problems. According to anthropologists, some indigenous cultures use psychedelic compounds to find suitable animals in a hunt or to find objects that have been lost as well as for soul retrieval, ecstatic dancing, and shamanic journeying.


According to Terence McKenna, psilocybin containing mushrooms have played a massive part our human evolution and that of other hominids. McKenna also thinks that psychoactive mushrooms have been responsible for our rapid evolution and dominance over nature because of the intense ego-dissolving and mind-expanding effects of psilocybin, DMT, mescalin, and other psychedelics that shamans discovered in nature.


Discovery and Research of Psilocybin


There are dozens of mushroom species with psychedelic benefits. Psilocybin is an active alkaloid in many species of mushrooms including Psilocybe Cubanises. In the 1950s, the mycologist Wasson visited North Central Mexico and worked with a local indigenous healer in magic mushroom healing ceremonies. Wasson sent specimens of the mushrooms to the famous Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann who isolated psilocybin, the active alkaloid.



Psilocybin is very powerful. It bonds with serotonin receptors in the brain. This creates a range of psychedelic experiences, an affinity with nature and the universe, dissolving of the ego, greater creativity and spirituality, and mild to extreme hallucinations depending on dosage, set, and setting.  Psilocybin works on the human body for two days or more if the dose is very high.  The trip itself lasts four to six hours after taking psilocybin.


Psilocybin and LSD have been used to assist terminal cancer patients so that they can handle the anxiety and the stress of their cancer. It is also possible to experience long-lasting remission from mental illnesses including anxiety, OCD, addiction, and depression. In 2016, Dr Harris found out that magic mushrooms afforded an increased sensitivity and appreciation for visible and invisible phenomena and other realities. Also, he found long-lasting effects on anxiety, depression, trauma, and many other types of mental illness.



Magic Mushroom Ceremonies


The role of ceremony and preparation in a safe environment is important so that healing and transformation occurs with psilocybin safely. A group ceremony which is led by an experience shaman is ideal if you are unfamiliar with magic mushroom medicine. An experienced shaman and supporting team will be there to help you at any stage of your journey from preparation to integration.  They are there help you set your intention and integrate and process your experiences.


Shaman Drumming


The ceremony can be done indoors or outdoors in a large circle. A detailed group discussion about psilocybin is held before the ceremony. This includes an overview of  the structure of the ceremony, setting a positive intention for healing, and an overview of the medicine. It is important that you focus on healing and not tripping. The shaman will then lead a journey to connect with the spirit of psilocybin mushrooms. This will ground you before you work with psilocybin. The  mushroom spirit will share profound insights with you, and you will receive deep healing.


Although ceremonies can be held at any time, the twilight zone between light and dark is ideal as the veils are particularly thin.  The waxing or waning light will allow you to truly see and go into deep meditation. This light will allow you to journey through space and time, deep into healing, and inner shadow work.  The shaman will spiritually cleanse the ceremonial space before use by smudging, drumming, chanting, etc. This creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere free of interfering spirits. Whilst in a group circle during ceremony, you given your own personal space to explore, and blindfold and beds may be used. For most people closed eye experiences are more potent than experiences with your eyes open, such as out in nature.


The Magic Mushroom Experience


The experience of taking psychedelic mushrooms can be very profound and life changing. Those who have consumed psilocybin have feelings of wellbeing and connection, as well as an affinity with nature and strong hallucinations. Intense scary experiences can be a part of the visionary journey which you can minimise with a proper set and setting. Not all that you experience is visual or easy to understand. Some of the teachings of the magic mushroom spirits may be in symbols,  metaphors, and stories.



The long-lasting profound experiences of magic mushrooms are wonderful for seeing yourself from other perspectives and for letting go of your anxiety and depression. After taking magic  mushrooms you may experience ego dissolution and a feeling of universal love, oneness, and merging with divinity. These expand your horizons and give you the mental space to integrate any scary experiences and engage in shadow work.


Psychedelic mushrooms are deep and powerful healers for anxiety, trauma, OCD, unhealthy behaviours, and identity issues. Magic mushrooms go to the root cause of your mental disease, and they can connect you with the universe and God and teach you how to live a blissful live with higher understanding and love for yourself and others. Your mind will be expanded and your heart and soul too.


Integrating Your Psychedelic Experience


A few hours after taking magic mushrooms there will be a circle for reflection to help the group process and integrate their psilocybin journey. Each person in the group will in turn share some of their healing experiences with psilocybin. This helps with interpretation of psychedelic experiences and the sharing process may open new insights for you.



Psilocybin is an ideal psychedelic to work with and learn from, especially if you are new to psychedelics or are interested in exploring Ayahuasca for the first time. Psilocybin treatment promotes personal and spiritual revelation and at high doses the internal experiences become comparable to those from DMT which is the chief psychedelic in Ayahuasca.



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