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Magic Mushroom Trips

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. and it is what gives mushrooms their magic kick. When you experience a psychedelic trip after taking magic mushrooms, it is psilocybin that tricks your mind to see the Cheshire Cat smile and vanish.


Read on to discover how magic mushroom trips work and the types of visionary experiences you may have when you take them.

Magic Mushroom Chemistry

Psilocybin is the active psychedelic ingredient inside psychedelic mushrooms. There are over 180 psilocybin mushroom varieties across the globe. The liberty cap mushroom is the most common and widespread species in Europe. Psilocybe Cubensis can be grown indoors, and other species of magic mushroom freely grow in the wild.


The threshold dose for feeling the effects from dried mushrooms is in the 0.2-0.5 g range. This dosage varies for each person. A moderate dose lies in the 1-2.5 g range. When taken orally, the effects last from three to six hours. When you consume magic mushrooms, you will experience hallucinogenic effects. Your brain’s sensory receptor become overwhelmed, and your perception of reality becomes wibbly-wobbly and scrambled.



When you take psilocybin mushrooms, your body metabolizes the substance into psilocin. Both chemical compounds induce psychedelic effects. Psilocybin and psilocin interact with the serotonin receptors in the brain. They have a very high affinity for the serotonin (5-HT) 2A subtype receptors in the brain. Several more active chemicals are present in magic mushrooms including psilocin, baeocystin, and norbaeocystin.

What is a Psilocybin Trip?

Psilocybin mushrooms create shifts in your consciousness, mood, thought, and perception. This is felt by the ego as a psychedelic trip, journey, or experience.  At higher doses the effects can include very intense breakthrough experiences, spiritual transcendence, and they are often difficult to explain. The intensity of a heroic-dose trip will rival the power and intensity of a DMT or Ayahuasca trip.


Hallucinations range throughout the spectrum of gentle and subtle to intense and frightening. Colours may shift and change in vibrance and intensity, surfaces may breathe, and colourful fractal patterns appear in front of your eyes and on objects.  Psilocybin mushrooms alter the way you think and feel, mostly with laughter and euphoria, and they will generate visual and auditory hallucinations.


With very high doses, objects will morph into other objects, and people will change into other forms.  Your psychedelic experience may be spiritual in nature. Also, many psychonauts who take a high dose of magic mushroom will experience visiting heavenly or hellish places and communicating with glowing beings of energy.


Your perception of time will become non-linear with minutes feeling like hours and or hours feeling like minutes. This is very similar to the time distortion with high doses of DMT or LSD. Acting and talking normally are likely to become impossible above very small doses.


Physical & Psychological Side Effects of Magic Mushrooms

The physical side-effects are due to your poor stomach trying to digest dense fungal matter. These include nausea and stomach pains, and you may also feel heavy and clumsy. Also, your pupils dilate (get very large like when you take LSD). Delayed headaches may occur after your trip which may last for two days. After your trip, you may burn out and in needing a lot of sleep and alone time.


The more you take and the bigger your trip, the greater the risk of negative side effects. Remember that everyone’s experiences of mushrooms are unique.  So, a dose that is good for you may be too much for your friend. The strength of psilocybin mushrooms varies a lot and different people respond very differently to the similar doses.


Your psychedelic experience can be fun and euphoric or scary, disorientating, and overwhelming at times. Bad trips are uncommon, but they can happen.  The risk of intense psychological effects is raised with higher dosages and triggers and strong emotions can be set off. A bad trip might include hallucinations that are embedded with reality, induce intense paranoia and even reckless behaviour.

Magic Mushroom Trips

There are four stages of a psychedelic mushroom trip. These are taking the mushrooms, the start of the trip, the peak of the trip, and the trip comedown.  The peak of the trip occurs a couple of hours after ingestion. This is when you experience the most intense sensory and psychological experiences.


Remember to relax and know that what you are experiencing is only temporary. Also know that you are safe from fear.



Your risk of a negative psilocybin experience is minimized through the 6S’s of your psychedelic experience. These are set, setting, substance, sitter, session, and situation. You can further manage any risks by being prepared and knowing your intention before starting a psychedelic journey.


The magic mushroom dosage levels are described below:

    • A microdose (0.1-0.3 g) is a tiny dose which has no noticeable effect. People microdose daily to enhance their levels of creativity, cognitive focus, and energy. Also, microdoses lower anxiety and stress, and to increase emotional stability.
    • A mini dose of psilocybin (0.35-0.75 g) takes you just above the threshold of perception. This is a weak trip that gives you a total expansion of being and a feeling of being in flow without losing touch with your environment.
    • With a museum dose (0.5-1.5 g), the effects of psilocybin are felt more than with a mini dose. However, a museum dose still won’t give you a full psychedelic experience. On this dose, you can still engage in public activities without attracting attention.
    • A moderate dose (2-4.5 g) is the start of the full-on psychedelic experience begins. You will see visual patterns and fractals, with changes in your perception of time and depth. At this dose, you will recognise your surroundings, but they will morph and change.
    • A megadose (5 g or more) brings on a total loss of connection with reality. This is where you’ll experience intense hallucinations, as well as ego death, mystical experiences, and deep introspection.
The effects may will kick-in at anywhere between ten minutes to one hour after eating psilocybin mushrooms. A moderate dose will wear off after about four hours. The tail-end of the experience can be long-lasting with some lingering effects of a strong dose continuing for hours.


Note that cannabis and MDMA will enhance the psychedelic nature of magic mushrooms. If you take these, it best to wait until the second half of your magic mushroom experience. MDMA may enhance your psilocybin trip and help you deal with any negative emotions that arise when you reflect on your magic mushroom trip.



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