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Step-by-Step Guide to Making Weed Chocolate

Learn how to prepare delicious mouth-watering weed infused chocolates that are ready in under 45 minutes. Continue reading this blog for the instructions about making cannabis chocolates quickly and easily.

Mixing Chocolate and Cannabis

Theobroma cacao, also known as cocoa, is the main ingredient of chocolate. Cacao is also known as the food of the gods and it mixes so well with cannabis oil, hash, or weed.


In many cultures across the world, chocolate and cannabis have both been used as medicines and aphrodisiacs. Both contain compounds that act on the nervous system to bring about feelings of well-being and pleasure. It is magical when you combine both together for healing and for fun.



This combination of chocolate and weed works well for both recreational and medical uses if smoking or vaping isn’t your thing, High quality chocolate and cacao are ideal for making tasty cannabis edibles. Chocolate edibles make for a delicious way to get high, and medicine has never tasted this good.


There are plenty of ways to combine weed and chocolate but keeping it simple and easy has great benefits.

Decarbing Your Weed

Decarboxylation is the name for the technique of heating your weed to release the raw THCA and convert it into THC which is psychoactive. This conversion occurs naturally when cannabis is smoked or vaporized but needs to be done manually with recipes which don’t involve baking.



For decarboxylation, heat your oven to around 115 degrees C. Then place your weed on a clean tray and bake in the oven for at least 30 minutes. This will activate the THC and you may smell your cannabis as it bakes.

Recipe for Cannabis Chocolate

It takes about an hour to prepare and cook your weed chocolate. This is followed by a couple of hours of chilling.


The ingredients for this recipe are:

  • Three to five grams of finely ground cannabis (alternatively you can use a third of a gram of cannabutter)
  • 100 grams of good quality dark chocolate (regular bar or chocolate chips)
  • Glass bowl & saucepan (or you can use a double broiler for boiling the water in a pot)
  • Chocolate or candy mould (or use ice cube trays)


The step-by-step instructions for this recipe are given below:


  1. You can start melting your chocolate whilst your cannabis is decarbing. Melt the chocolate by steam to do this gently without burning your chocolate. Either use a double broiler or place your glass bowl on top of the saucepan to ensure that it doesn’t contact the water.
  2. Ensure that your glass bowl is big enough to rest on the rim of the saucepan. This will ensure that the chocolate is heated gently by the steam and not by direct contact with boiling water. Remember to not cover the glass bowl. Otherwise, the chocolate seizes (this is when a gritty, rough paste is caused by the dry particles becoming moist and sticking together).
  3. Place your chocolate inside the glass bowl and allow it to melt. Stir occasionally until it is all melted.
  4. Then add your decarbed cannabis into the melted chocolate and mix well together. Ensure that your weed buds are finely ground into small particles.
  5. Now pour your liquid chocolate into your moulds, or ice cube trays, and wait for them to harden. Ensure that the mould is full of your weed chocolate mixture.
  6. Then gently lift the mould up off the table for about 10cm and carefully let it drop back down. This helps to dislodge and remove air bubbles which are trapped within the chocolate.
  7. Put your filled candy moulds in the fridge until they have hardened. Once ready, remove the chocolates from moulds and store in an air-tight container in your refrigerator.


Try to use higher quality chocolate or cacao which will give you a great deal more flavour.  High-quality chocolate will elevate your marijuana edibles to the next level.


Play around with different textures and flavours to find the perfect blend for you. Try adding extra items including nuts, raisins, candy, or a little chili powder. You could even add some ground magic mushrooms to the mix or sprinkle as a topping.


Your cannabis chocolate can be eaten as it is or used for other recipes. Adjust the amount of weed as you desire and wait for 45 minutes to experience the calm trippy effects as your body metabolizes your cannabis chocolate.




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