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The Magic Mushroom Healing Experience

If you have ever wanted to take magic mushrooms for your healing and spiritual development, then read on and discover what a magic mushroom healing experience involves and how to work with psilocybin for your own healing, channelling, and psychic development.

How to Take Your Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can be consumed when fresh or dried in a variety of ways. These include mushroom tea, chocolate bars, brownies, or capsules for micro-dosing. These are common ways for people to take psilocybin magic mushrooms. Your dosage may vary depending on your biological makeup. For your health and safety, it is best to start small and build up once you have more experience and confidence with psychedelics and magic mushrooms.

Remember that if you consume too many mushrooms or too much of any other psychedelic, such as LSD or peyote, then you may experience an overwhelming or frightening trip.  This may impact your mental health, especially if you are prone to anxiety or paranoia. The intense visuals, experiences, and feelings can be hellishly scary and are more suited to seasoned adventurers. If you feel overwhelmed then let go of your thoughts, allow your psychedelic experience to unfold, and recall that this will soon pass.

Preparing for the Onset of Your Journey

You will start feeling the effects of the onset thirty minutes to an hour after ingestion including some nausea and stomach and bowel discomfort. This can be minimised by taking magic mushrooms on an empty stomach or 3 or 4 hours after mushroom ingestion. If you do feel sick or faint it may help if you puke as this can be part of your spiritual awakening and energy healing process, and you will trip a lot more after. The intensity of your body load, stomach discomfort, and nausea can be reduced if you fast for a few hours before taking magic mushrooms or eat only a little food for a few hours beforehand. You can also extract the psilocybin from the mushrooms and mix it into chocolate or other foods without the hard to digest fungal matter.


When taking your magic mushrooms indoors, relax and meditate with some soft calm music such as new age or ambient tunes at home with soft lighting in a clean uncluttered room. It is important that you spiritually cleanse and protect your environment before you trip, and if you are using a trip sitter ensure they know what your intentions are as well as the dosage that you took. Note that ‘trip sitting’ is advised if you take a heavy or heroic dose, but you may thank them for helping you when you peak on a moderate dosage.

When taking psilocybin mushrooms outdoors at a spiritual event, scared site, or in a park or the woods, bring some warm clothes and water, and possibly a pillow, blindfold, healthy food, and some crystals. Before ingesting your magic mushrooms, you may want to walk around the area until you feel comfortable. Then find a place to take your healing medicine. Prepare your chosen area and you may ask a friend who is with you to bring a drum, rattle, or portable music player. Music and the open environment of nature will form the scope of your experience. Go into meditation and tune into your bodily sensations and observe your mind.  Feel your energy elevate as things shift up a gear and observe any visuals with your eyes closed.

Light, Colour, and Sound

Depending on your dosage you will likely experience a hyper-real quality and a vividness of light, sound, and deep feelings. When you begin to peak you will experience colour, light, and sound changing. If you close your eyes and meditate you will experiencing increasingly stronger close-eye visuals. You may find it hard to think or function normally, and if you let go and observe your inner world it becomes easier to let go of any expectations or preconceptions that you may have, and it helps to try not to influence your psychedelic trip.


When you close your eyes in meditation, your third eye visuals, depending on the dosage, may reveal a lot of details, geometry, and codes of light. The structure of geometry you see is projected into the blackness of night in luminous vibrant colours as well as detailed light codes and living breathing geometry. The geometry, structures, and light codes will change when you focus with a crystal in your hands, or if you are meditating to changing music. Music can be distracting so it is important to choose suitable music, ideally slow tempo instrumental or music for guided spiritual journeys.

Care must be taken, especially indoors with technology, screens, mirrors, thoughts, and noises from the neighbours. When journeying outdoors with psilocybin avoid dosing near hills, cliffs, flooded areas, roads, industrial sites, or dangerous woodland areas. If you wander around even in daylight you may be blinded to reality and not know where you are going.

A Deeper Experience at Higher doses

Psilocybin trips tend to be much deeper than trips with LSD and other laboratory produced chemicals. This may be because magic mushrooms and all natural psychedelics are intimately connected with the lands they are grown on. The healing spirits of the psilocybin mushrooms may pop up in the trip, maybe appearing like the DMT machine elves, ancestral spirits, or you feel a reassuring presence when clearing energy and healing. A deeper experience occurs with your eyes closed. You may see 3D kaleidoscopic and fractal images morphing into vivid entities and vast networks of geometry, or you may see streams of light language flow into you and heal you. If you are outside on a clear night, it is easy to see beautiful filaments of gossamer light twinkling between the stars, or you may see extra-terrestrial craft travelling between the stars. You also feel a tremendous amount of love and compassion in your heart.

Sometimes the magic mushroom trip can be rough, especially at higher doses. At heroic doses the magic mushroom trip experience can be as intense as an Ayahuasca experience as the quality of your experience becomes more like that of DMT or Ayahuasca.  In fact, DMT and psilocybin are similar molecules that belong to the tryptamine category of compounds. As psilocybin affects the brain in a similar way to DMT, you will go out of body and visit other realities, lose yourself and experience ego death, and many levels of spiritual unravelling. You will continue to meet beings, some familiar like angels or ascended masters, and others that completely defy physical explanation and may look like creatures from horror movies. It is at the higher doses where you may experience incredible levels of physical, emotional, and mental healing, Literally the sky is the limit without your ego in the way.  This frees your soul to connect with your body and then healing flows.

A Healing Journey to Reflect Upon

You embark on your own personal healing journey every time you take magic mushrooms or psilocybin. You may be dragged into the depths of the hells or the heights of the heavens or become pure light at the speed of light, everywhere always, or faster than light and through the inverted field to explore other universes, dimensions, and realms of existence. Whatever happens in your psychedelic healing journey, always thank the spirit of psilocybin, the mushroom spirit for the healing, activations, and insights given to you. You may experience further healing, increased cognition, and enhanced energy awareness afterwards too.

The key to therapeutic healing with psychedelics, including psilocybin lies with reflecting on your experience and putting things into action. To do this, record your experience in writing, as audio or video soon after you trip, perhaps when you are coming down three or four hours later. Then share your experience with your healing friends and give yourself a break to integrate your experience. You may continue to experience visions, intense creative channelling, or intense dreams for days or weeks after. These may be messages from your guides, light language and codes, geometry, or other life memories of living in outer space or on another world. Observe this and when you have the time continue to journal your journey and healing experience.



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