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Growing & Harvesting Magic Mushrooms

Learn how to grow and harvest your own psychedelic magic mushrooms in this blog. Read on to discover how to create the ideal environment for your magic mushrooms to flourish and when to pick them.

Growing Your Own Magic Mushrooms

To successfully grow magic mushrooms indoors you will need a  to use a mushroom growing kit in an environment with almost 100% humidity.


To start the ball rolling, cut holes in the plastic of your magic mushroom growkit. Then mist the mushroom bed through the holes with a spray bottle where the holes have been cut. You will need to spray mist onto your growkit two or three times each day. This is to ensure that humidity levels are high enough and avoid overwatering. You can use a hygrometer which measures indoor temperature and humidity levels to test the environment around the kit. This helps you to maintain the ideal mushroom growing conditions.



Getting the amount of light correct for your magic mushrooms ensures that healthy psychedelic mushrooms grow. These will be packed with psilocybin and other active compounds. Place your growkit it in normal daylight or under fluorescent or LED lamps in the blue end of the electromagnetic spectrum at a temperature of 6000 to 7000 Kelvin.  Don’t use normal lightbulbs and avoid putting your growkit on your radiator or heater. The place where the kit is located should be 20 and 25 degrees. After seven to ten days the first psilocybin mushrooms will appear. Then it takes another week for them to mature.


If you are going to harvest magic mushrooms that grown naturally outdoors, then keep a daily eye on them and look for the signs that they are ready to harvest. In autumn, Mother Nature should provide enough moisture, humidity, and sunlight for natural magic mushrooms to grow and thrive.

When to Pick Magic Mushrooms

When growing magic mushrooms, there is a small quantity of time between the pinning process and the ideal time for harvesting them. Mushroom pinning is when little baby mushrooms begin to emerge from the mycelium substrate during the fruiting stage. The mushroom pins will expand and grow larger to a button which in a few days will grow into a full mushroom.



Psilocybe cubensis is one of the easiest types of magic mushroom for growing and harvesting. The pinning process entails creating a proper and extremely humid environment to cause little white pins to emerge from the casing. The pins will quickly turn into mushrooms once they begin to form. The best time to harvest you psilocybin mushrooms is before the pin develops into a fruiting body within a few days.


Once a pin starts to form, you normally have three days before the pin fully develops into a fruiting body. It is best to pick your magic mushrooms early. Otherwise, the magic mushrooms open and become fully fruiting bodies, breaking the veil, and spores spill out onto the surfaces of the other psilocybin mushrooms that are growing in the casing. This may suffocate them and leave a dark black oily residue.

When to Harvest

Learn to identify the ideal time to pick your magic mushrooms. You can follow each mushroom individually and wait for each mushroom to reach its full potential before harvesting it. Harvesting all the mushrooms at once may save more time but you will receive a premature yield with less psychoactive compounds.


A magic mushroom is ready to harvest when the cap of the mushroom changes. It evolves from a round button or globe shape to a convex shape which protrudes over the mushroom stem. Also, the colour of the mushroom changes. This is from a deep and dark reddish-brown colour transforming into a lighter brown as the cap matures and starts changing its shape.



Your shrooms are nearly ready to harvest when the convex shape of the mushroom cap forms,and the colour begins to lighten. A part of the mushroom cap to watch closely is the veil where the gills are in the above illustration. Look for a stretching of the underside of the cap and harvest the mushroom before it fully opens into a more flatter umbrella shape.

Step-by-Step Harvesting

The ideal time to pick your magic mushrooms is when the mushroom cap is open but before the veil breaks and spores are released. You can use a knife to cut the stem close to the surface of the cap and leave a small stump behind.


The four-step process to pick magic mushrooms is below:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water thouroughly and use sterile rubber gloves which prevent external bacterial or fungal contamination. Also, remember to sterilise any tools or containers that will be used during the harvesting process before using for your freshly picked shrooms.
  2. Place two fingers at the mushroom base, and gently twist in a counter-clockwise direction and pull the bottom of the stem. Gently break the strands that hold the stump in its place whilst keeping the mycelial network below the stem intact.
  3. You can use tweezers to carefully pick any mushrooms that are too small or difficult to reach.
  4. Use a brush to remove any remaining substrate or moss that is clinging to the stem. You can also gently grab the base of the mushroom and remove the stump instead of breaking it. Then you can cut the stump off without any peat moss or substrate sticking to the base.


Note that magic mushrooms which are harvested late are still potent with psilocybin but harvesting before the cap turns umbonate may give you a stronger psychedelic mushroom trip experience.



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