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The Magical World of Mushroom Intelligence for Healing and Planetary Harmony

Magic mushrooms have captivated human beings for millennia. These enigmatic fungi with over 2000 edible and medicinal species hold the key to a world of extraordinary benefits and healing. In this exploration, we delve into the mystical realm of mushrooms, unveiling their vital role in sustaining life on Earth, their unique communication abilities, their surprising genetic connection to humans, and their potential to revolutionize our world through health, meditation, and energy healing.

Mushrooms are Magic for Life

The intricate web of life on our planet owes much to the presence of fungi. Without them, ecosystems and plants would struggle to thrive. The essential nutrients needed by plants, such as nitrogen, are often locked within proteins that are not readily accessible. Fungi evolved to be the masters of transformation. They metabolize proteins, converting them into soluble nitrates which is in a form that plants can readily absorb.


Among the remarkable diversity of fungi are mycorrhizal species that form mutually beneficial relationships with many species of plants. Mycorrhizal fungi help in the transfer of nutrients from the soil to plant roots while receiving carbon from the plant in return. These fungi are true alchemists, transforming the soil into a treasure trove of sustenance for plants and animals.

These symbiotic relationships begin when the mycorrhizal fungi colonize a plant’s root in the Earth, forming an intricate network known as mycelium. This mycelial web acts like a giant sponge, absorbing water, and nutrients to nourish the plant. The mycelial network can increase the mass of the root by hundreds or even thousands of times the root’s original size. This allows the plants to thrive by efficiently collecting nutrients.

The Mycelial Network: Earth’s Underground Internet

Mycelium is the underground thread-like structure of fungi which plays a crucial role in the health and healing of our planet. Mycelium networks, also known as common mycorrhizal networks, connect different plant species. These networks enable plants to communicate and share resources with one another like an ant colony or a hive of bees.


The intricate mycelial networks often span hundreds or even thousands of miles, within a small area of the soil. It is estimated that every kilogram of soil has at least 200 kilometres of hyphae. This underground communication system ensures the healing and well-being of various plant communities. In fact, the mycelial network is essential for all life to thrive and to survive. It is nature’s ultimate recycler converting rotting garbage into plant food.

Mushrooms: Magical Intelligent Communicators

Plants evolved on Earth 700 million years ago, but fungi existed 1,300 million years earlier, about 2 billion years ago. So, it should be no surprise the discover a degree of intelligence of mushrooms and the mycelial network itself. The caps and stems that you normally see as magic mushrooms are just their reproductive fruiting bodies. The real magic lies beneath the surface in the form of the mycelium which serves as an underground internet that connects, heals, and regenerates plants and fungi.

About 90% of all land plants have a symbiotic relationship with fungi where plants provide carbohydrates in exchange for water to absorb as well as many essential healing nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen. These symbiotic partnerships facilitate the nutrient transportation and redistribution amongst plants in forests. Mycological studies have shown that fungi operate as individual beings with decision-making abilities, learning capabilities, and a short-term memory. This newfound understanding suggests that mushrooms may possess a form of consciousness that extends across the natural world, and they may even feel pain and joy.

Mushrooms are Magic for Your Health

A surprising revelation is that mushroom DNA is more like human DNA than plant DNA. This is because your common ancestry with that of fungi predates your separation from the plant kingdom by 1.1 billion years. Thus, you have more genes in common with a mushroom than with a tree. This close genetic relationship makes treating fungal infections in humans challenging as drugs that are developed to combat fungi may also harm healthy human cells due to the similarities in the cell structures of people and fungi.


For 1000’s of years, people have harnessed the power and magic of fungi. This includes the use of yeast for fermentation and psychedelic magic mushrooms have also been used widely by ancient cultures for meditation, energy healing, and spiritual journeying. More recently, medical science has leveraged fungi to create incredible magical healing products including the incredible healing power of biosynthetic insulin.

The adaptogens derived from various mushrooms are gaining popularity for their powerful health benefits. These natural substances, unlike synthetic supplements, stabilize and optimize physiological functions. This provides a plethora of health and healing benefits that include stress reduction, immune system support, increased energy levels and vitality, lower levels of anxiety and depression, and overall health improvement. The species of mushrooms that are being heavily researched for adaptogenic healing properties include Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and Turkey Tail mushrooms.

Mushrooms Clean the Water and Protect Crops

Mushrooms are also nature’s magic for environmental robustness and sustainability. Researchers have found that mushroom mycelium cleans up polluted urban streams of water by breaking down the contaminants like pesticides, E. coli bacteria, and oil. Also, farmers are integrating mushrooms into their farming systems. The use of fungal matter in fertilisers and soils results in rejuvenated soil health and enhanced crop yields which promotes  sustainable agriculture and reduces the need for pesticides and other nasty chemicals.


Incorporating mushrooms into daily living can have far-reaching benefits, not only for your individual health but also for the health of others and the well-being of the Earth we live on. Mushrooms are now offering magical solutions to the waste problem of our throwaway society including solutions for combating water contamination, plastic pollution, and unsustainable farming practices. Also, with our planet drowning in plastic pollution, miraculous uses of mushrooms are emerging as eco-friendly alternatives. Mycelium can now be cultivated into certain shapes to create sustainable packaging, furniture, and containers, thus reducing our dependence on harmful plastics.

As humanity unlocks more of the magical secrets of mushrooms, we will gain valuable insights into the interdependence and majesty of all life on Earth and the potential for these magical fungi to heal ourselves and rejuvenate the energy of the world. Whether you seek their healing properties, want to embark on a meditative journey, or aim to harness their energy-healing potential, mushrooms are here to guide you toward a more harmonious existence with yourself, other people and animals, the Earth, and the universe.



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